AWS Community Day Melbourne — Recap (Part 1) – WeAreServian

The Expo Hall

Community Day Expo (excuse the disoriented panorama)

After scanning the e-ticket, we entered the Expo hall. There we were greeted with a few booths offering Swags with AWS giving out their Community Day T-Shirt, stickers, and shoelaces. They also had DevLabs booth for tutorial-style activities, DevBytes booth for impromptu presentation slots from the community members, and the DeepRacer Track.

I headed straight for the coffee table, got myself a cup, and straight into the main theatre.

Welcome Message

The opening speech of the day was nicely presented by Aileen Gemma Smith, our APAC AWS Community Hero. We were told that there were 17,000 registrations, but I think live attendees was a lot smaller than that. After telling us a mini-story about Jeff Barr, she welcomes him to the stage.

Journey to the Cloud — Key Note

Jeff Barr gave some rare original S3 and EC2 stickers to Aileen and tells us a story about how he started off at AWS. Originally, he was hired to do cleanup tasks but got really interested in the tech, ended up evangelising, and eventually becoming the VP and Chief Evangelist of AWS.

He went through what has changed over the years including payment model, computing, effective lifetime, cost, and scalability. He portrayed those changes as allowing people to:

  1. Have more options
  2. Have more power, especially to think big
  3. Dream big, bring in innovation
  4. Reduce barriers on entry, where the speed of iteration is more valuable than the quality of iteration
  5. More responsibility, increase business challenges and education

Jeff’s word of advice was to adapt, survive and thrive. That is, beware of the sacred cows, be adaptable and flexible, set time-to-live on factual knowledge, and always learn. AWS, being adaptable and flexible, is always evolving and customer feedback is very important according to Jeff.

Here is a constant from Jeff — “Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s legacy”

To wrap things up, Jeff showed us a few statistical figures on Amazon Prime Day of the various AWS services used.