How a football team, data scientist, and solution architect utilised cloud computing at AWS Community Day Melbourne

About a year ago when I started my AWS journey, I was amazed to see A Cloud Guru runs everything on serverless to keep their costs tiny. It was also the first time I learned how serverless computing is a huge game-changer for any developer.

In a nutshell, serverless computing is a way to execute any code without having to set up the environment ourselves e.g. if we want to execute any Python code, previously we would need to get a server, install Linux, and install Python. But serverless computing allows us to just upload the code to execute anything.

“Serverless is like cooking food without the need to clean the kitchen”

— Kris Howard, the manager of solution architects at AWS

Furthermore, the cost of serverless computing is almost nothing. The serverless computing service on AWS (AWS Lambda) charges $0.000016 per second while the code is running. We pay nothing while the code is not running.

This session was delivered by Kris Howard, the manager of solution architects at AWS. She talked about her pain points where she wanted to efficiently spend her time by visiting the tech meetups on the day she is available.

Her issue was that there was no central place to see which meetup is coming up on each day. The website does provide the event calendar, but the calendar is only available if you are a group member.

So, she built the small application called MUGicalPHP using PHP to aggregate event calendar from each group, and store it into the central calendar she created.

However, running PHP application requires the PHP server. She was asking her private sysadmin (a.k.a. her husband) to set up the server in her garage. But, the server requires maintenance which she grew tired of fixing it after a while.

That was when she decided to move her program to serverless computing on AWS. This is her first architecture, which utilised AWS CloudWatch Event to trigger the Lambda once a day: