How To Install And Run AppImage on Linux Systems

Oyetoke Tobi Emmanuel

AppImage is a universal software package format that can be installed on Linux without going through the traditional way of installation. It doesn’t require any root permission to install the software.

  • There’s no need for installing and compiling software
  • There’s no need for root permission to install it
  • Portability — It can run on live disks
  • Software is uninstalled just by deleting the AppImage file

The good thing about AppImages is that you don’t have to actually install the app, just run it. So how do you do this? It’s actually quite simple, first of all, download the app image. Then I will show you in two methods.

Using Properties

Right click on the AppImage file, click on Properties. Click on Permissions and click on Allow executing the file as a program.

Using Terminal

Open any Terminal of your choice, head over to the app image directory and run:

chmod u+x <AppImageFile>