How to pass in 3 days

Most of the exam information is on Microsoft website. However, before going into the exam, I was researching how long is this exam. The Microsoft website does not show how many questions and how long the exam is.

So I gathered these numbers based on my exam:

  • Questions: 44 (40–60 questions based on Whizlabs)
  • Duration: 1 hour (85 minutes based on Whizlabs)

What I like about this exam is: Your result sheet is printed right after the exam, so you can see which area you are doing well and which area you need to work on.

This is the same study plan I used to pass AZ-900 exam:

  • 2 day for learning from Microsoft Learn Platform
  • 1–1.5 day for exam preparation

One day means 6–8 hours of work. So it might take around a week to study 2–3 hours per day after work.

I studied from 3 resources and spent around $15 for the preparation (excluding $99 for AZ-900 exam itself).

The 3 resources are:

[Free] Microsoft Learn platform (11 modules)

Comprehensive 9 hours course provided by Microsoft [ Text-based ]

Microsoft provides a free learning platform for everything you need to pass any Azure certificate.

Unlike other learning platforms such as Google Cloud’s Coursera or Udemy, Microsoft Learn platform is 90% text with few short videos here and there. However, the material is great quality and the learning platform is easy to use.

I found that by having learning material in text, I can take note much faster by copy-paste the text directly.

This course took me 9–10 hours including taking notes and research on random technical words e.g. N-tier architecture.

[$15] Udemy course “Microsoft Azure Beginners Guide”

AZ-900 Video course & Practise exams

This Udemy video course contains all you need to know to pass AZ-900 exam. The content is more hands-on than Microsoft Learn since you will see the instructor showing you inside Azure Portal, whereas Microsoft Learn only teach you in text.

The beginners in Azure will learn a lot more from seeing real Azure portal than reading.

For me, I had some experience playing around Azure portal before. So I skipped to the last section: AZ-900 Preparation. This section provides 70 questions x 2 practice tests.

I found the practice questions to be very similar to Whizlabs, the last resource I used for exam preparation. I have heard from my colleague who passed AZ-900 only using this course.

My recommendation is you could study from videos in this course or from Microsoft Learn. The content should be very similar.

At my company Servian, we provide Udemy Business subscription for staffs. So I can access this course for free.

[$15] Whizlabs AZ-900 Exam Practices Tests

Practice exams by Whizlabs

Whizlabs is the popular website containing a lot of IT exam practice tests. Note that Microsoft also offers Official Practice Test but at the significantly higher cost and a similar number of practice questions. So I went for Whizlabs this time.

At the time of writing, Whizlabs has 3 practice tests with 55 questions each. The questions are surprisingly similar to the real exam, so you can get a feeling of what kind of questions you would get examined on.