Re:Inforce 2019 wrap-up and session links

re:Inforce conference

A big thank you to the attendees of the inaugural AWS re:Inforce conference for two successful days of cloud security learning. As you head home and look toward next steps for your organization (or if you weren’t able to attend and want to know what all the fuss was about), check out some of the session videos. You can watch the keynote to hear from our AWS CISO Steve Schmidt, view the full list of recorded conference sessions on the AWS YouTube channel, or check out popular sessions by track below.

Re:Inforce leadership sessions

Listen to cloud security leaders talk about key concepts from each track:

  • Security Deep Dive leadership session
  • Foundational Security leadership session
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance leadership session
  • Aspirational Security leadership session

Popular sessions by track

View sessions that you might have missed or want to re-watch. (“Popular” determined by number of video views at the time this post was published.)

Security Deep Dive

  • Architecting Security through Policy Guardrails in Amazon EKS
    • Read more on the Security Blog from Paavan Mistry
  • Securing Enterprise-Grade Serverless Applications
  • Build a Dashboard Using Serverless Security Analytics
    • Read more on the Security Blog from Umesh Ramesh

View the full list of Security Deep Dive break-out sessions.

The Foundation

  • Root CA Hierarchies for AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) Private CA
    • Read more on the Security Blog from Todd Cignetti
  • Best Practices for Choosing Identity Solutions for Applications
  • Managing Multi-Account AWS Environments Using AWS Organizations
    • Read more on the Security Blog from Raymond Ma
  • How to Act on Your Security & Compliance Alerts with AWS Security Hub

View the full list of The Foundation break-out sessions.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Using AWS Control Tower to Govern Multi-Account AWS Environments
  • Automate Compliance Verification on AWS Using Provable Security
    • Read more on the Security Blog from Chad Woolf
  • Balancing Cloud Innovation and Security
  • Security at the Speed of Cloud: How You Can Do It Now

View the full list of Governance, Risk & Compliance break-out sessions.

Security Pioneers

  • The Evolution of Automated Reasoning Technology at AWS
    • Hear more on the Security Blog from Byron Cook
  • Encrypting Everything with AWS
    • Read more on the Security Blog from Colm MacCarthaigh
  • AWS Event Engineering at Scale
  • Security Benefits of the Nitro Architecture
    • Read more on the Security Blog from Mark Ryland

View the full list of Security Pioneers break-out sessions.

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