State of Firebase (mid-2020) – Servian

Official Firebase & Community Updates!

James Hegedus

With Google events being cancelled in 2020 there may be fewer product announcements this year. Let’s take a look at was released since our last look at the State of Firebase!

Cloud Functions: now are private by default! IAM permissions are checked before your function is invoked and if the request fails authentication you are not charged for the request. Firebase CLI 7.7.0+ will set your HTTP functions to public for easy development, but protected HTTP functions are easily available with some permissions changes.

Cloud Firestore: C++ and Unity SDKs (Unity available via the Unity Package Manager.

Firebase Games: single source for all Firebase product game support.

Google Analytics for Firebase: now supports Web Apps in the Console’s Analytics Dashboard. Create audiences, filter along endless dimensions, user properties and performance indicators. See real-time user engagement with all the results graphed instantly!

Remote Config: now supports Web Apps! Customise your user experience with complex config conditions across audiences and all platforms for a consistent cross-device experience.

Remote Styles with Remote Config: Dynamic/Conditional loading of CSS stored in Remote Config. Very alpha, very cool. [GitHub repo]

Cloud Messaging: now supports Web Apps via GA segmentation and funnels, managed and monitored from the Firebase console with the mobile platforms.

App Distribution: distribute prerelease versions of your app to trusted users on both iOS and Android platforms.

Firebase Extensions: pre-packaged code to automate common tasks in your project. Open-source for your inspection, configurable to your fit your needs and install-able via UI or CLI to fit your workflow.

Crashlytics: Fabric has come to an end and is now completely integrated into the Firebase platform. Crash reporting via Crashlytics. Beta is now Firebase App Distribution. Analytics is completely integrated with GA for Firebase. Digits is now Firebase phone authentication.

Firebase Kotlin Extensions: finally out of Beta! [Release announcement]